Jason Koch


Nexus Commercial Real Estate

“Having little micro management is great in this business when you can handle it, but those who take advantage of it tend to see delayed gratifications.”

Starting as an office runner working out of a supply closet, Jason Koch, co-founder/principal of Nexus Commercial Real Estate — a full-service firm for the multi-family commercial real estate industry in Denver — has utilized hard work, a consistent positive mindset and a high bar of success that has helped him grow and manage one of the top apartment real estate teams in Colorado.

Forming his own company with his business partner has been the biggest challenge Koch has had to overcome in his CRE career but it has also been the greatest gift. “Certain things have gone well, others have totally failed. But it has made every success that more rewarding,” says Koch.

He credits reading the book “The Go Giver” for changing his perspective of the business. “Before it, I was always just chasing the next deal and more of that used car salesmen mentality. Now, focusing on relationships and adding value to those relationships however I can, is what is most important and that has paid in dividends in the bigger picture.”

Koch has been instrumental in closing more than 500 real estate transactions totaling more than $500 million as a multifamily investment specialist.

“I pride myself on finding and capitalizing on versatile opportunities and have dealt in Garden Style, Condo Portfolios, Renovated Properties, Distressed Properties, Short Sales, Vacant Properties, Loan Acquisitions, Note Purchases and Portfolio Sales. I utilize an analytical mindset that affords insight into the best ways to maximize returns and provide the best wealth-building strategies for clients, no matter the property type,” says Koch.

He is most proud of his current listing on “The Hill” in Boulder, a six-property, $33+ million listing, including nine large condo quality units totaling 35 bedrooms. “It is a listing we competed heavily for against our main competitors in town and were awarded. To be awarded this portfolio as a younger company was very exciting and humbling.”

Koch is very proud of the positive impact his business has had on the community. His clients have mostly improved their assets significantly after purchase, which has helped the community thrive by improving the quality of their workforce housing.

“It is significant what poor affects a mismanaged apartment complex can have on the surrounding community. Our clients turn these assets around consistently which generally has a strong positive impact on the community.”

Nexus currently has four junior brokers. Helping them not only achieve in their new professional lives, but also their personal ones is very important to the firm. “We do formal monthly trainings as a company, as well as day to day advice that helps them grow in the business.”

Nexus also pays for attending in state and out of state conferences, regarding CRE and business in general, to help their junior brokers expand their knowledge of the business.

Koch advises new brokers entering the business to have the mentality of being “the hardest worker in the room” and to also be prepared to manage themselves at an early age or stage in their career. “Having little micromanagement is great in this business when you can handle it, but those who take advantage of it tend to see delayed gratifications.”

Koch graduated from Wake Forest University, where he earned a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in Spanish.