Kawulok, Matt

Matthew Kawulok



“Whether it is making a block downfield to spring the running back 10 more yards or going the extra mile to gain a client’s trust, effort is the only engine available to get there.”

Before joining CBRE’s Denver Industrial Brokerage Services in 2015, Matthew Kawulok played Division I football at San Diego State University, on a full-ride football scholarship. During his time on the field Matthew learned many valuable lessons, which he now uses to his advantage off the field in the world of commercial real estate.

Specializing in industrial and flex properties, Matthew empowers his clients through strategic transaction and advisory services that focus on managing risk, mitigating cost and enhancing value. He represents local and national firms in expansions, consolidations, relocations, and purchase and lease negotiations for industrial and flex buildings, as well as land throughout Metro Denver.


As a broker, Kawulok appreciates the role he gets to play in helping local businesses succeed. “When I’m able to come to them with recommendations that meet their specific needs in terms of pricing, location, building features and employee amenities, it provides a competitive advantage for their business that they would not otherwise be able to achieve,” says Matthew.

He recently represented a couple of clients who were having difficulty finding a location in the North Central submarket in Denver.

“The North Central submarket consists of 35 million square feet and the vacancy was less than 5 percent at the time. It is a very active market and companies were competing for space. Leveraging market expertise and industry relationships, I was able to help an auto parts supplier secure a 32,446-square-foot lease in a new building with prime interstate visibility.”

The deal that Kawulok is most proud of is an $8.25 million sale of an 88,238-square-foot Centennial industrial/flex property to Cherry Creek School District in December 2017. Kawulok represented the seller, Bow River Capital Partners, along with Daniel Close of CBRE. Through strategic repositioning of the property, the client was able to achieve a nice return on their investment in a relatively short hold period of only 15 months.

There’s No I in TEAM

Since becoming a broker at the end of 2016, Matthew has participated in transactions totaling 388,417 square feet for a total consideration of $24.2 million, none of which would be possible without the help of his team.

“One of the greatest gifts football taught me is it takes a team to be successful. No one individual can be a success without the other 10 on the field being on board,” says Kawulok, who received great advice and mentorship from guys like Jim Bolt, Ty Ritchie, Doug Bakke, John Marold, Tyler Carner and Jeremy Ballenger at CBRE.

Today, this spirit of teamwork/mentorship is strong within his own team. “We discuss various topics and situations we are working through with transactions. The ability to receive different perspectives from our team helps us deliver the best results for our clients.”

Football and real estate are both highly competitive businesses and when Matthew looks at the people who have achieved tremendous success in both fields, what separates them from the rest is the way they prepare and do all the little things well, over and over again.

“When I played at San Diego State, we had a number of plays where the route I needed to run depended on the coverage the defense was running.  Whether I was a decoy or the primary target, I needed to be in the right place to put the team in the best position to be successful. The more prepared I was, the quicker I could respond to help the team be in the best position to win — this same principle applies to my business today, the more I prepare, the better I am able to serve my clients.”

Overcoming Adversity

Despite his success, Matthew is no stranger to his share of adversity. Following his freshman year of college, he ruptured his pectoral muscle off the tendon in an off-season workout. Though some thought he would never play again, he was back before the season began and was the starting tight end for his football team.

“Like football, business does not always go as planned. Each real estate transaction faces different challenges and new adversity. It is how we handle the adversity to arrive at the solution that matters and defines our character.”

Matthew was told at a young age that if he wanted to become great at something, he would need to put effort into every detail of every step of every play. That created a passion inside himself to always give his best effort.

“Whether it is making a block downfield to spring the running back 10 more yards, or going the extra mile to gain a client’s trust, effort is the only engine available to get there. Giving max effort is the best advice I ever received and the best advice I can ever give anyone.”

Other notable transactions:

  • 88,283 SF sale of 14603 E. Fremont Ave.
  • 32,446 SF lease at 601 E. 64th Ave.
  • 23,500 SF lease with a yard at 11372 Business Park Cir.
  • 18,000 SF with yard sale of 5720 N Washington St.
  • 13,748 SF sale of 7328 S. Revere Pky.