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Q&A with Joseph Zanone, Senior Project Manager at Pacific Project Management

By Liz Gibbons

Joseph Zanone, Jr., senior project manager at Pacific Project Management (PPM), leads the Denver office in providing tenant improvements, redevelopment, and ground-up developments in the office, healthcare, retail and hospitality spaces.

Joe’s background in construction management includes experience with corporate interiors, capital improvement, building repositioning, new construction, multifamily, retail, K-12, higher education, occupied spaces, and LEED certified projects.

 Facts about Joe:

  • Joe has a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • While employed with HITT Contracting Inc., Joe worked on developing a modular building program for Alexandria City Public Schools with $20 million worth of additions, including sustainability elements such as solar panels.
  • Outside of work Joe enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and hiking with his family and dog.

What do you like most about what your current role with Pacific Project Management?

I really enjoy any kind of problem solving; that’s my engineering mind at work. I like having conversations that are strategic that lead to executing successful projects with happy people.

Additionally, I am lucky enough to work with a great national team at Pacific Project Management. When I took this role, it provided me the opportunity to be more entrepreneurial focused; I was trusted startup our Denver office with the intention of growing our team and client base.

How has PPM set the Denver office up for success?

At Pacific Project Management, we see our work as a team effort. We are surrounded by incredibly well-intentioned, supportive people who are all working toward the same mission. It is also helpful to have offices in Seattle and San Francisco that allow us to connect with more companies who are interested in participating in this great Denver business community.

What is something that people do not understand about project management services?

Most people think of project management services as an added line item or cost, but because we know the industry we bring added value that can help complete projects more efficiently.  Just like any other professional service provider, we know our markets.  Ours happen to include design, construction, technology, furniture, and anything else installed in the physical environment which helps find efficiencies and therefore saves funds.

Who has been a mentor to you?

Kevin Ott when we were at HITT Contracting Inc. He introduced me to his large network of people in the Denver community when I first moved here.

Why is community involvement important to you?

Denver is a community and runs on people being excited about Denver, so I look for platforms that allow me to engage with others around the city.

Which industry organizations are you involved in?

Currently, I am involved in NAIOP, the Downtown Denver Partnership and Big Idea Project.

For NAIOP, I am the programs committee chair; I am also on the board and executive committee. These roles allow me to learn new things, stay constantly engaged within our community and help enhance our overall industry. By working to implement and enhance NAIOP programs, I am able to grow my knowledge professionally as well. While working with panelists and speakers to book events, I am able to absorb more information and learn very tangible skills.

What is the best advice you have received?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep taking chances and be more open to taking risks; have an adventurous mindset.

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