2020 Emerges as a Top Year for Community Amenities

FalconView is a 288-unit apartment community located in Northern Colorado Springs. Photo courtesy of Etkin Johnson.

Renters’ needs have changed over the past 10 years, and even more so in 2020. People now want more outdoor living space, a working area, plus fitness centers. Community amenities have evolved in order to better support people’s lifestyles. Storage Café set out to identify where renters have the best chances to enjoy a premier renting experience.

Looking at more than 82,000 large-scale apartment buildings* across the country, Aurora stands out as the eleventh-best location that offers the ideal renting conditions for community amenities. And it’s not the only Coloradoan city to make the top 20 list—Colorado Springs also ranks seventeenth.

Here are some of the most important highlights on Colorado’s rental scene:

  • 47% of Aurora’s apartment properties are equipped with over-the-top community facilities.
  • Almost all large-scale rental buildings in Aurora boast a common outdoor space and parking spots, along with resort-style pools (87%), and 24hr fitness centers (74%).
  • Apartment buildings are particularly family-friendly here, with about 64% of rental communities offering playgrounds. 74% offer clubhouses for a plus of comfort and 47% have business centers. Renters can also make use of tennis courts in roughly 27% of rental complexes and volleyball courts (20%).
  • 45% of Colorado Springs rental communities boast a nice mix of convenient community features. All apartment complexes offer parking spots and outdoor space, while swimming pools are almost a given (88%). Colorado Springs also earned high marks for clubhouses (71%), fitness centers (71%), spas (61%) and business centers (55%).

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