3 Colorado Suburbs Among Top 20 for Most Newly Built Apartments

Top. 20 Suburbs with the most new apartments in the last five years. Graphic courtesy of RENT Café.

The pandemic brought a newfound appreciation for suburban America, especially among renters working from home. With more apartment-dwellers embracing life outside of the crowded big cities, RENT Café wanted to see which suburbs are well equipped to receive new residents.

According to the studysuburban Colorado delivered close to 21,700 new rentals since 2016. Three of its cities found a spot in the Top 20 U.S. suburbs that built the most apartments in the last five years.

Here are the highlights:

  • Longmont is the 18th suburb in the U.S. by number of apartments built since 2016 and the 1st in the state of Colorado. 
  • Longmont added 2,154 new units in the last five years. The suburb is closely followed by Parker with 2,150 units, and Westminster with 2,133 apartments, both present in our national top.
  • Since 2016, 93% of Colorado’s suburban development was represented by garden-type buildings. The remaining 7% focused on mid-rise residential buildings.
  • Colorado’s booming suburbs are less than 30 miles away from urban cores, making them even more appealing for renters who want to enjoy a suburban lifestyle not far away from the city. For example, Longmont is just less than 20 miles outside of Boulder, while Westminster is 10 miles away from the Mile-High.

You can check out the complete study HERE

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