Pepsi Proposes Bottling Plant Near DIA

Credit: Tim Mossholder from Pexels

PepsiCO is planning to build a large scale bottling facility near the intersection of Tower Road and Pena Boulevard, according to a “large development review” document submitted to the City of Denver.

Pepsi Co, Inc. and its affiliate, Bottling Group, LLC is under contract to purchase the 148 acres, currently owned by Glendale-based Westside Investment Partners, The site is located at 6972 North Argonne Street & 19300 East 72nd Avenue in Denver.

Denver law firm Otten Johnson submitted the plans to the city on Pepsi’s behalf. It is important to note that the development plans are yet to be approved by the city.

Project details:

  • Pepsi plans to construct a roughly 1.1 million square-foot building for beverage manufacturing and warehousing, with a potential second phase involving the construction of a 150,000 to 250,000 square foot fulfillment center.
  • Most of the planned building will be two to three stories tall, with a small part—supporting an automatic storage and retrieval system (the “ASRS”)—up to 110 feet tall.
  • Development of the project will also facilitate development of 34 acres of the Second Creek Greenway. Pepsi will not be purchasing this open space; the current owner of the property and master developer of High Point will create this portion of the greenway as part of the transaction allowing the development of the project.
  • Pepsi also plans to construct infrastructure to support the project. In particular, Pepsi anticipates that truck access to the property will take place via the future 72nd Avenue, which Pepsi plans to construct from Tower Road to the northern boundary of the property. Pepsi is also committed to environmental sustainability, and the design of the project will reflect this commitment.

According to the document, the proposed project is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” for the city to retain and grow manufacturing employment without displacing any existing businesses. Construction will begin March 2022 and take approximately one year to complete.


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