$40M Music Coliseum to Open in Colorado Springs in 2023

Renderings courtesy of Notes Live

Set to rival Denver’s outdoor music venues, Notes Live, a rapidly growing hospitality and entertainment company, will open The Sunset, an 8,000 person state-of-the-art open-air amphitheater at the Polaris Pointe development in Colorado Springs in 2023. Backed with $40 million in financing, the new music venue will host the largest touring acts in the country.

Designed by industry-renowned architect BCA Studios, The Sunset will offer an unparalleled view of the sun setting over Pikes Peak, America’s mountain, right behind the stage as each concert begins, flanked by the United States Air Force Academy stadium on the left and the iconic Air Force chapel on the right, as well as amenities like 60 VIP luxury firepit suites, and 4-5 star restaurants.

Notes Live currently has the backing of over 60 institutional and individual investors. The company works closely with the government bodies in all the areas where it is expanding and is keen on identifying markets where local municipalities have economic development dollars to subsidize development costs directly or through tax incentives. Architectural firm BCA Studios has assembled the best lighting, sound, and design firms across the country, which have helped design iconic live entertainment venues like the Beacon Theatre in New York, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Roundhouse in London, and Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago as well as worked in sports arenas and stadiums for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS teams across the country. Companies Notes Live is working with include CD+M Lighting Design Group, Dimensional Innovations, Diversified, Duray J.F. Duncan Industries, ME Engineers, and Theatre Projects.

Notes Live identifies markets in regions with growing populations but a dearth of high-quality music and entertainment venue, and offers premium concert experiences, complete with unbeatable sound and sightlines as well as elevated food and beverage offerings.

“These are some of the fastest-growing cities in America, but the live entertainment options haven’t caught up to the population,” Notes Live Founder and Chairman JW Roth explains. “Notes Live venues will cater to these upscale demographics looking for a place where the overall experience is as good as the music itself.”

Roth first realized his vision of unbeatable music meeting world-class atmosphere with the music venue Boot Barn Hall, located on the same Colorado Springs campus as his restaurants Bourbon Brothers and Buttermilk, A Breakfast Eatery. Since opening in February 2019, Boot Barn Hall has quickly become one of Colorado’s premier music venues, booking a mix of country and classic rock acts for the upscale demographic that has moved into the area. Roth’s attention to detail informs every decision made in his concert venues, from the tables – all custom-made hightops for an optimal sightline whether the attendee wants to sit or stand – to the state-of-the-art sound systems designed by Martin. “People know that I go over the top, it’s just what I do,” he says. “I want it to be perfect, and I want that perfection to be translated into everything we do.”

Now Notes Live is building on its initial success with a coming slate of new entertainment campuses throughout the south and west. In addition to The Sunset, the company will soon open another venue modeled on the Boot Barn/Bourbon Brothers concept in the booming commuter city of Gainesville, GA, outside Atlanta, and is in advanced discussions with other cities in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

“I am building an entertainment company that when you think of our name, you think ‘experience,’” Roth says. “There will be no better place to see a concert on earth than at one of our properties”.

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