420 Hotels Inc Sets Out To Become Nations First Cannabis Friendly Hotel Chain

Inspired by the founder’s first hotel property The Patterson Inn that has the fortuitous address of 420 E. 11th Avenue in downtown Denver, Chris Chiari, founder of The 420 Hotels Inc., is in the process of building a multi-location hotel chain that features the unique amenity of legal and licensed on-site cannabis consumption. The brand has registered its formation in the State of Nevada and also launched its website at

“Though almost seven years since the first state legalized recreational adult cannabis consumption and use, the ability to welcome guests into legal and licensed consumption lounges is still new and emerging policy,” said Chiari. “We look forward to navigating the hurdles unique to this industry and we are excited to begin the process of opening our first location. Though a final site has not been selected, we are actively following current and recent changes in a number of municipalities, that will allow for the movement towards the licensing of our first properties under The 420 Hotels brand.”

The 420 Hotels Inc will be amongst the nation’s first hotel chains where guests will be able to consume cannabis, onsite, in legally licensed lounges. The company intends to convert intimate boutique hotels into high-end, members only cannabis consumption clubs. Centered around the largest growth segment in cannabis consumers, 40+ adults, The 420 Hotels Inc will feature luxury accommodations and will offer both sophisticated locations to consume and onsite guest service representatives who can provide advice and safe practices especially to first time or novice consumers.

The brand intends to expand to multiple locations over the next several years as more municipalities and states across the country pass laws that allow for onsite consumption of cannabis in commercial establishments. The company is currently following changes in state and local laws in various jurisdictions, and hopes to have the first of several properties licensed within this calendar year.

Chiari has spent over a decade with a career focused on cannabis normalization. A longtime board member of Colorado NORML, former dispensary owner and producer of the drug policy documentary PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE (available on Amazon Prime).

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