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Denver, CO – 4240 Architecture, a Denver-based firm, blends creativity with pragmatics in its designs for clients’ projects—projects within varying and expanding typologies including higher education, hospitality, mixed-use urban infill, multifamily residential, active senior living, resort, or commercial office. Regardless of project type or location, the firm is focused on building deep clients relationships and referral work which sustains and grows the practice.

The firm’s research-based approach is evident in its designs for clients like Colorado State University, where it has completed more than $200 million in projects since it started working on the campus in 2009, said Mike Rush, University Architect of Colorado State University. “This is paramount to us since our institution is research-based,” Rush said. “4240 has a very inclusive process in which they bring forth ways to collaborate and find innovative solutions. The way they work dovetails nicely with the processes we have in place, and even in an institutional environment, we are able to keep projects on track and deliver on schedules that parallel work in the private sector.”

4240 recognizes that great ideas come from the whole team—whether from junior designers or seasoned architects—and the most creative solution always carries the day. “It’s very much a meritocracy,” said Andy McRae, who recently was named a principal of the firm. “If you take something on, it’s recognized. If you excel, you’re given more responsibility and opportunity.”

With the continued leadership of Lou Bieker and Randy Johnson, 4240 is celebrating the contributions of several key team members by expanding its leadership with their advancement. “This expansion of leadership will allow us to continue to creatively serve the needs of our clients and attract the highest-performing talent and the brightest architectural minds to create a bench depth rivaling the best in the market,” said Bieker, president and principal of 4240.

These individuals include:
• Christian Barlock, principal
• TJ Carvis, principal
• Matt Cecere, principal
• Andy McRae, principal
• Michele Decker, associate principal
• Izabela Rydel, associate principal
• Brandon Mixon, senior associate
• Marc Snyder, senior associate
• Eric Anderson, associate
• DJ Gratzer, associate

Photo courtesy of 4240 Architecture

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