99-Year-Old Hispanic Woman Inspires New Construction in Longmont

Rendering courtesy of Thomas Moore Architects

KCI Krische Construction will break ground on November 1 on Casa Lou Cardenas, a mixed-use building at 9th and Main Street in Longmont. While the building will include 3,654 square feet of divisible, available retail space, and six well-appointed apartments, the building’s name, Casa Lou Cardenas, embodies its soul of diversity, community, and legacy.

Eloyda “Lou” Cardenas was a Longmont woman of Hispanic ancestry who pushed for diversity, equity, and inclusion long before those ideas were present in mainstream conversations. Lou’s efforts bridged cultural boundaries and built collaborations between the Hispanic and white populations of Longmont. Developer Jennifer Peterson, president of JSY Properties, was inspired by Lou and sought her family’s blessing to name this new mixed-use building after her.

Casa Lou Cardenas honors the contributions of the Hispanic community to the City of Longmont by continuing the legacy of Lou Cardenas who died in 2017 at the age of 99. The website, has English and Spanish translations and an about us page centered on Lou’s history and contributions to Longmont.

Thomas Moore Architects designed the building. Construction will conclude in the late fall of 2023.

Project features:

● Up to six commercial spaces ranging from approximately 350 sf to 1,700 sf will be housed on the first floor.
● The 2nd floor and 3rd floors will feature five 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom apartments that are between 1,175 to 1,196 sf.
● The 2nd floor will have one commercial space that is 1,074 sf and can be divided to suit.
● The 3rd floor will feature one 1-bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment that is 1,074 sf.
● Each apartment has a 180 sf roof-top patio.
● There is a separate 180 sf roof-top patio for use by commercial tenants.

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