Academy Mortgage Expands Colorado Footprint

Academy Mortgage, a national mortgage lender, recently announced its latest expansion venture in the Colorado market into Greeley and Longmont.

The expansion comes as Colorado’s housing market has continued to grow throughout Weld and Boulder County, which includes Greeley and Longmont. According to 2020 data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Weld County’s population grew by more than 30% in a decade, adding 76,186 residents bringing its population to 328,981. While Boulder County’s population grew by 10.7% making its population 330,758.

Longmont and Greeley were once considered two of Northern Colorado’s best-kept secrets, and now these not-so-hidden gems provide room for growth, captivating the attention of many prospective homebuyers.  With proximity to the mountains and city life, family-oriented atmosphere, affordability, and welcoming hometown feel, deciding to open offices in these flourishing cities is an easy one for Academy Mortgage.

“By having Academy Mortgage in Greeley, we’re able to provide our clients with convenience, extended lending options, and sound mortgage and lending advice,” said Christina Delatorre, mortgage specialist at Academy Mortgage. “Being born and raised here, we understand that having a national lender at the local level will offer our customers a personalized mortgage experience matched with a friendly and familiar face, community-driven mission and a lender that truly cares.”

As more people continue to work from home, many are moving out of larger cities and choosing to live in smaller cities, such as Greeley and Longmont. These cities provide a sense of community, purposeful living and the freedom to make their home buying dreams a reality – something that Academy Mortgage’s branch mortgage specialists know all too well.

“Longmont is a traditional community with a big emphasis on supporting local businesses,” said Michelle Alarcon, officer at Academy Mortgage. “From the moment we opened the doors at our Longmont office, we made it a point to immerse ourselves in the community and show it our commitment and care to their growing city.”

One of the main values of Academy Mortgage is to give back to the community through philanthropic work. This is why the teams at the Greeley and Longmont offices donate their time and resources to a variety of different charitable organizations.

“We know the significance of being welcomed to a small town where the community is the heart of its culture,” said Edward Powers, the Denver market manager at Academy Mortgage. “As we continue to grow our presence, we want to make it our goal to be immersed locally and show the community that Academy Mortgage is there for them throughout every step of the way.”

In Greeley, Delatorre and her colleague Krista Laber are both involved in the Greeley Chamber of Commerce and teamed up with the Greeley Leeds Group and Centennial Elementary to provide students with weekly gift cards to promote good behavior in the school.

While in Longmont, Alarcon works closely with the Outreach United Resource Center, Inc. (OUR Center), an organization that provides services such as food, housing and utilities to help families achieve stability. She’s also currently coordinating a hunger drive with a local Longmont realtor for those experiencing homelessness and is involved with the Longmont Chamber. Both offices also recently teamed up with HomeAid Colorado in their Share the Warmth campaign for their winter clothing drive.

“It’s important to give back to the communities that are welcoming us,” said Delatorre. “We look forward to growing with the community and enhancing Academy Mortgage’s presence as a trusted home lender.


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