Apartments in Lakewood and Arvada Offer the Most Room/Person, says Rent Cafe Study

With the rental season in full swing, Rent Cafe decided to find out where renters can get the most private space per person. Using Yardi Matrix and U.S. Census data for 254 cities, the study ranks them based on the ratio of the average apartment size to the average number of renters living under the same roof.

The average apartment space per person is about 540 square feet, based on the ratio of the average apartment size to the average number of renters living in a household across the U.S. As the total apartment size has decreased throughout the past 10 years, so has the amount of living space per renter.

Rentals in Denver offer an average of 553 sq. ft. of space per person, but apartment seekers can get even more room for privacy if they head for the suburbs. By comparison, the average apartement in Independence, Missori offers 731 square feet of private space per renter.


  • Renters in Denver not only have a generous amount of apartment space — 553 sq. ft. per person — but they also get around one room and a half worth of privacy.
  • The Mile High City is a perfect fit for apartment dwellers on the hunt for more ample “alone” space. On average, 1.49 renters live under the same roof and apartments have around 824 sq. ft. in size.
  • For even more room to unwind, renters should look for apartments in the suburbs. Less than 10 miles away from the city, rentals in Lakewood offer around 611 sq. ft. per person, which is the equivalent of almost 2 rooms.
  • Apartments in Arvada and Thornton are not far behind, boasting an average of 570 sq. ft. and 534 sq. ft. of space per person, respectively.

Read the full study HERE

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