Architect Named for DIA Great Hall Restaurants

Rendering of Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar, DIA.

BCV Architecture + Interiors was recently named the design architect for two projects at Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Great Hall: Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar and The Post Brewing Co.

As travel increases in popularity and consumers become increasingly obsessed with experiences, airports are scrambling to get ahead of the curve. People are no longer satisfied with mediocre food courts, and now want design-centric, hyper-local and authentic dining options to create a seamless, well-rounded experience from door to door. BCV is leading the charge in redefining this area of F&B, having perfected its farm-to-flight philosophy with more than a dozen projects in SFO.

Commissioned by owner, Mission Yogurt, BCV’s commitment to understanding the cultural context of each project’s location allows them to pinpoint a region’s defining characteristics and integrate them into a space. The firm’s thoughtful design is a crucial element in creating a truly authentic dining experience.

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar: The first restaurant partner in Colorado of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, Jax Fish House brings “the coasts to the coast-less” with mindfully-sourced and sustainable seafood. What you can expect from BCV’s design:

  • A free-standing ‘bar-in-the-round,’ the eatery is situated in the center of DEN’s Great Hall, and will exude a “see and be seen” attitude
  • Aquarium pillars will anchor either end of the bar, serving as focal points for travelers and diners alike
  • The butterfly shape will allow a variety of dining options, including a grab-and-go counter on one side, a ‘sushi-bar’ table on other, shucking stations and a bar all around
  • Ample bar seating wraps the entire exterior, allowing for people watching and easy views of flight information. Diners can also view the shucking of oysters and crafting of cocktails

The Post Brewing Co.: Born from a love of “hot chicken and cold beer,” The Post perfected (maybe even created) Colorado-style fried chicken, using only locally-sourced produce and humanely raised, all-natural chicken. What you can expect from BCV’s design:

  • A classic “roadside diner” look and feel, expressed through a backdrop of ceramic wall tile, iconic rust red wrap-around graphic belt band, Pullman booths with coat rack posts, chunky wood and steel-supported picnic bench and table units
  • Long, communal tables are designed with a steel support rail, a subtle nod to Denver’s railroad legacy, which allow individual deuce wood table slabs to slide back and forth to accommodate individual or group seating arrangements
  • Sustainably-sourced materials, including warm Colorado wood to embody the famed hospitality and western spirit of the region
  • A mixture of “full-service restaurant” and “active bar,” accommodating travelers and stragglers of all kinds
  • Bold flight information displays and ample digital charging stations (both USB and 110v) for convenience

Renderings courtesy of BCV

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