Aspen Grove Shopping Center to Add Mixed-Use Community

Aspen Grove Shopping Center owner Gerrity is planning to redevelop a portion of the aging 268,000-square-foot open-air retail property — located on the southeast corner adjacent to the RTD Mineral Ave Light Rail station — into a transit-oriented, mixed-use retail center. According to Getty, the project is getting an enthusiastic response from both existing and prospective new retail tenants.

The first phase of Aspen Grove’s evolution will include a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use community with up to 480 multifamily apartments above ground-level retail stores and restaurants, structured and on-street parking, common open space, private streets, and bicycle amenities.

Aspen Grove’s much-anticipated redevelopment is the first such project under Littleton’s new Unified Land Use Code (ULUC), which was approved by City Council in October 2021. The new guidelines represent Envision Littleton, a municipal planning process involving four years of research, development, and literally thousands of hours of community input through meetings, presentations, workshops and other public feedback.

The city’s ULUC places 32.78-acre Aspen Grove within a designated mixed-use corridor, allowing multifamily communities adjacent to shopping, services, light rail, bus routes, and bike paths.

“We are going to rejuvenate Aspen Grove and return it to being a vibrant, first-class community retail center like it was when it was built 20 years ago,” said Gerrity President Kevin Gerrity. “The Planning Commission’s unanimous approval of our conceptual Master Development Plan propels Aspen Grove toward long-term viability at a time when Littleton faces significant competition for the best retailers and resulting sales taxes from SouthGlenn, Cherry Creek, Park Meadows and other destinations.”

“We thank the city staff, city council, planning commission members and local leaders who have been so vigilant in bringing Littleton’s long-term vision to life,” said Gerrity. “There’s a lot of work to do, and we’re excited to move forward in the partnership that Aspen Grove has always had with this great community.”

Gerrity has been active in the region since the 1990s and acquired Aspen Grove Shopping Center in 2016. The company will launch a new website within the next few weeks to keep residents, consumers and tenants updated as a detailed site development plan and project timeline are completed.

Aspen Grove in Littleton is Colorado’s premiere open-air retail village and is home to over 50 fine stores and restaurants, including Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Pottery Barn, Apple, Sees Candies, J.Jill, Teds Montana Grill and more. Located just north of Santa Fe and Mineral Avenues, Aspen Grove offers convenient storefront parking, mountain views and an atmosphere every bit as inviting as its stores.

Gerrity owns and operates retail properties in the western United States. Fully integrated and privately held, the company invests in neighborhood and community retail properties to make them better, including creating an exciting mix of retailers and restaurants, or adding vibrant mixed-use residential or office. The company invests in major metropolitan areas in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona and creates value through its team of skilled, experienced professionals.

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  1. Tammy Brewster
    August 4, 2022 at 9:32 am — Reply

    Have the “planners ” thought about infrastructure on our roads in Littleton-they are so crowded now and we’re talking about adding more apartments/multi family housing along Santa Fe? I I know of many others that agree-that growth is actually ruining Littleton-taking away all the charm and simplicity it has to offer as a city..
    At 11:00 am on just about any given morning, it takes me three changes of one traffic light to get through only to be log jammed again at the next one-it’s terrible! I realize my input is just one & too late but I had to vent my thoughts on this! Stop developing and start maintaining! I took friends to downtown a few weeks back & was shocked & disappointed at the state it was in. There was trash on sidewalks, very few flowers-it used to be kept up & a pretty town to walk through-it looked tired and unkept. Attention focused elsewhere perhaps?

    • Johnny P
      August 15, 2022 at 8:21 pm — Reply

      Oh Tammy, you may need to move to the mountains or perhaps Wiggins?

  2. Paula
    August 4, 2022 at 10:13 pm — Reply

    This is crap! Most of us residents don’t want more apartments and another senior living facility. Littleton board is all about the money! Look at Southglenn this is exactly that and every other space is VACANT! It’s definitely NOT thriving! Littleton has lost its charm.

    • Johnny P
      August 15, 2022 at 8:21 pm — Reply

      Right cuz seniors shouldn’t have a place to live. That’s marvelous of you and so community minded.

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