Aurora Apartments Give Renters the Most Bang for their Buck [RentCafe Study]

With the rental season already kicking in, RentCafe ranked the 100 largest cities in the U.S. based on how much apartment size they offer on a $1,500 budget. Denver is one of the top large urban areas in the country where $1,500 will stretch less than 700 sq. ft. in terms of apartment space. Renters still have some roomier options in the same budget, if they look for apartments outside of the Mile High City.

Here are the highlights:

  • For $1,500, Denver offers an average of 681 sq. ft. of living space, which depending on the configuration of the rental, can be a one-or two-bedroom apartment. Living small in the big city is a caveat many young apartment seekers are willing to accept, and Denver is no exception since rental applications from Gen Zers jumped by 29% YoY in the city.
  • To get the most bang for their buck, renters should head for Aurora, where $1,500 will stretch to 792 sq. ft. living space. Not only is Aurora the best city in the metro area to rent an apartment on this budget, but it’s also the only urban area to match its suburban counterparts in terms of apartment space.
  • Less than 10 miles away from Denver, Wheat Ridge is a great option for renters looking for that sweet spot between location and roomier apartments. For $1,500, apartment seekers can get an average of 782 sq. ft.
  • Completing the metro’s podium of most spacious rentals on a $1,500 budget, Brighton offers an average of 775 sq. ft. of space, noticeably more than Denver. Parker and Englewood follow behind with an average of 765 sq. ft. each.

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