Aurora City Council Approves Workforce Education Partnership

Credit: City of Aurora

On Monday, April 22, Aurora City Council on Monday adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Member Francoise Bergan that will launch a partnership between the City of Aurora, Careers in Construction Colorado (CICC), the public school districts in the city, and the construction industry that will increase opportunities for Aurora’s high schoolers to prepare for their future careers.

“This is an amazing opportunity to provide valuable educational and career opportunities to Aurora’s high school students,” said Council Member Bergan, who introduced a resolution at the Aurora City Council last night to put the program in motion. “There’s no substitute for hands-on learning, and the Careers in Construction Colorado program has become the leader in working with schools, educators, students and the construction industry to provide a pathway to a great career for so many Colorado students.”

The City of Aurora program will allow companies to make a voluntary contribution of $25 per new residential permit and $200 per new commercial permit to fund the CICC’s Home Builder’s Institute curriculum to enhance career and technical education for Aurora high school students. The program will allow high school students in Aurora Public Schools (APS), Cherry Creek School District and Pickens Technical College to participate in hands-on classes that provide job-ready skills when they graduate. The CICC program includes construction, plumbing, electrical and other building trades, and students have the ability to earn certificates that will potentially fast track them into future jobs.

“This partnership is in line with our vision at Aurora Public Schools to make this a destination district for students and families who want a great education combined with great opportunities for the future,” said APS Superintendent Michael Giles, Jr. “Unique programs like this — along with other career and technical programs within Aurora Public Schools — help prepare our students for both college and career success.”

Careers in Construction Colorado is a nonprofit managed by the Associated General Contractors of Colorado, the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs and other local homebuilding associations in Colorado. CICC operates in 63 high schools across the state. CICC uses the Home Builder’s Institute curriculum, which is certified as a pre-apprenticeship curriculum by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Colorado Department of Education has approved the HBI curriculum for use in high schools in Colorado.

“The partnership with the City of Aurora demonstrates our industry’s support in meeting the workforce needs across Colorado and our local communities where we build,” said Marlo Asher of Careers in Construction Colorado. “By partnering with local governments and school districts, we are shaping a brighter future for Colorado’s students in the construction industry.”

The program will begin supporting the CICC workforce education classrooms at Gateway High School and Vista PEAK Preparatory this academic year. As additional funds are collected, the program will then support classrooms at Pickens Tech and in Cherry Creek Schools.

“Aurora is an important part in our region’s economy. We continue to attract new employers and businesses to our community and along with that our city is answering the call to provide more housing,” Mayor Michael Coffman. “That growth in our city and our local economy brings a responsibility to invest back into our community through our schools and students. This program is a great example of how a city can work with its school districts and businesses to meet everyone’s needs. I look forward to more opportunities in the future to support Aurora students and Aurora employers.”

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