BREAKING: Phase II of Boulder Commons to Implement Unique Wastewater Energy System to Meet Net-Zero Energy Target

SHARC International Systems Inc. announced today that it will implement its innovative wastewater energy system at 3200 Bluff Street, the second phase of Morgan Creek Ventures (MCV) larger mixed-use Boulder Commons development.

The SHARC Energy system, called PIRANHA™, will help the two-building, 98,000-square-foot development achieve its Net-Zero-Energy (“NZE”) and Net Zero Carbon goals by capturing the heat in the residential building’s wastewater and then use it to heat the hot water for showers and sinks. This will reduce energy use and energy costs for owners, tenants and residents of the Boulder Commons complex.

The SHARC Energy system, called PIRANHA™

“We send trillions of gallons of water down or drains every year, wasting the energy that’s within it. With SHARC technology, we can now collect and filter that water we waste in our buildings and recapture the heat within that water to run heating systems and air conditioners. That saves us energy, which is good for the bottom line but also the environment because we are reducing GHGs,” said SHARC Energy’s CEO and Chairman Lynn Mueller. “Boulder Commons is going to be an important showcase of SHARC in action, on a zero net energy complex that works in economic and environmental terms. We’re excited to be introducing more SHARC across the United States very soon.”

Phase II of Boulder Commons, designed by Coburn Architects, will be directly adjacent to the first Boulder Commons project. One building will consist primarily of offices and the second building will be a multi-family residential building. There will also be retail space on the first floor of both buildings. Integral Group is providing MEP design, PV design, energy modeling, daylight modeling and water consulting services on the project.

The success of Boulder Commons’ renewable energy systems is being carefully monitored by the Rocky Mountain Institute, the leading U.S. think-tank on renewable energy use, which has its Boulder office inside the complex.

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, the number of leased Net-Zero-Energy buildings lags significantly behind owner-occupied projects. Over half of commercial buildings nationally are leased, which presents a significant impediment to meeting carbon reduction targets. Boulder Commons boasts Colorado’s first NZE lease, and the first NZE lease in the country for a project of this size, setting a new precedent for other landlords and tenants to follow.

Aside from the PIRANHA and PIRANHA HC, which provides water heating and water heating and air conditioning, respectively, the Company also has the SHARC™ system, which is a wastewater energy recovery system for projects with access to wastewater flow rates ranging from 100 gallons per minute (gpm) to 4500 (gpm). These flow rates are typically seen in industrial applications and larger developments, or projects with access to sewer lines.



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