CFC Helps to Reimagine Downtown Denver’s “The 410”

Rendering courtesy of Gensler.

Colorado-based CFC Construction has started work on the repositioning of the 410 17th Street lobby, mezzanine, and elevator lobbies. The project formally kicked off in August 2020. CFC Special Projects Manager Autymn Rubal and Project Manager Wyatt Breum are helping to lead the project.

CFC is collaborating with SteelWave (developer and property manager), Gensler (architect), Rialto Capital (owner), and a dynamic team of subs to deliver the project. In overview, the scope includes:

  • Knocking out the existing curtainwall to expand the building lobby by 5,000 SF
  • Adding an expansive new lobby coffee and wine bar
  • Creating an outdoor lounge and terrace area that integrates with the bar area
  • Adding a new security desk and visitor seating area
  • Expanding the back-of-house area to include a fitness center, yoga room, locker rooms with showers, and corporate training center

Autymn calls out the installation of the structural steel in the back-of-house area and the removal of the existing curtainwall as aspects of the project she’s particularly excited about. She adds, “I’m also really excited to see the finishes go in. The design intent is to make it look like the outside and inside spaces are seamless and commingled. The wood panels are meant to represent the trees, and as you move up to the ceiling, the Arktura ceiling system ends up simulating the tree canopy and night sky. There’s an integrated light system that I think is really going to be the ‘wow factor’ for this project.”

The CFC team invested approximately a month talking with SteelWave, Gensler, Rialto Capital, and various subcontractors to work through the trend log, share ideas, and make a plan to get the budget where it needed to be. They also took the time to reach out to the 410’s tenants, not only ensuring that they understood their expectations but establishing how they could meet those expectations on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

“The more problems you can identify and flush out early, [the more] you can pivot them, and turn them into opportunities. Some contractors forget that the most important part of what we do is the customer service behind it. Anybody can build a project. It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty, really understanding the details of the situation and the environment, that matters. That’s how you’ll identify the issues and make sure you’re set up for success,” said Rubal.

Relationships are at the heart of CFC’s service approach. That’s why most of our clients are repeat customers—and why our clients know they can count on us to deliver, time and time again.

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