CH2M Joins Value of Water Coalition for Imagine a Day Without Water

CH2M - Value of Water Coalition

Denver, CO – CH2M joined the Value of Water Coalition and hundreds of water agencies, businesses, elected officials, schools and community organizations from across the United States for Imagine a Day Without Water, a national campaign that took place September 15, 2016. The movement is aimed to educate and raise awareness about how water is essential, invaluable and needs investment.

“One fifth of America’s economic output depends on water; yet the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure is at risk. Many cities are struggling to maintain systems that are more than a century old, and there is a water main break somewhere in America every two minutes,” says CH2M Global Water Business Group President Peter Nicol.

In many parts of the world, and in the United States, there is either too much or too little water. To that end, CH2M is working with clients to address the full spectrum of water challenges. CH2M and Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) are partnering on the Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT), an innovative water purification initiative designed to ensure a sustainable source of groundwater while addressing environmental challenges such as Chesapeake Bay restoration, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion.

“Through these initiatives and others, we are helping clients meet the current and future needs of the communities they serve,” adds Nicol. We are committed to a future where everyone can count on reliable and safe water service—now and for future generations. There’s always more that we can do, and as we reflect on Imagine a Day Without Water, I encourage us to think about what we can do on an individual level to protect and invest in our world’s water.”

Image courtesy of CH2M

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