Colorado Construction Firm Announces Rebrand

NOVUM Contracting Group (NVM) unveiled their new construction company name and brand with a new website and office location in Denver's Tennyson neighborhood.

Mercurial Contractors, a Colorado-based construction firm, recently completed an extensive rebranding process and changed its name to NOVUM Contracting Group (NVM). NVM, a general contractor who specializes in custom residential homes and mid-size commercial projects, also relocated to the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, with the purchase of a commercial building at 3867 Tennyson Street to better serve its growing clientele.

NVM originated from the industry’s need for straightforward and proficient contractors who could build distinguished spaces in both the commercial and residential sectors. This full-service business model set the foundation for NVM, so that future homeowners and business owners can interface with one point of contact, supported by a diverse collective of construction trades, based on the spatial needs of the client.

“The main goal of the rebrand and renaming of our construction company was to formally capture and outwardly display the principles we had already been practicing internally. We operate as a professional partner to our clients that serves as a single point of contact to guide them throughout the entire construction process, whether that’s a custom-built home or a newly renovated tenant space for their latest business venture,” commented Nate Boyer, one of the co-founders of NVM.

“As is customary at the beginning of the year, we all seek a fresh start. Our new logo, icon and overall brand reflect a more modern, edgy take on where the construction industry is headed and how we can be that guiding light for our clients well into the future,” commented Mark Davis, co-founder of NVM and original owner of Mercurial Contractors.

NVM’s rebrand comes at an opportune time, just as the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program, ranked Colorado twelfth in the nation for the highest population growth at .85%, or just under 50,000 people, between 2019 and 2020, despite COVID-related deaths and restrictions. In addition, the Bureau’s Economic Analysis reported that the Denver-metro area experienced one of the highest jumps in personal income between 2018 and 2019 among large cities.

These positive rankings for Colorado and for the Denver-metro area allow for continued, projected construction growth for NVM. Both out-of-state movers relocating to Colorado and higher income among current Denver residents set the stage for greater home sales and new construction, along with an increased need for interior tenant improvements.

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