Colorado Construction Firm Using New Technology to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Summer 2017 I-Kota Annual Company Picnic

To ensure Fort Collins real estate development and construction projects continue to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, local construction firm I-Kota relies on a new technology from Safe Site Check In.

As Colorado’s premier affordable housing contractor, I-Kota’s employees use the Safe Site Check In touchless app to check in to job sites and help stop the spread of COVID-19 on job sites. Employees simply point their smartphone at a QR-coded poster and answer COVID-19 related health questions. Workers and visitors are immediately notified if they’re approved or denied access to a site. For those denied access, supervisors are immediately alerted. To protect an employee’s personal health information and comply with HIPAA guidelines, Safe Site Check In and the employer do not store answers to the health questions.

“We chose Safe Site Check In because our clients wanted more assurance that we were monitoring the health of employees on job sites. Using the app allows us to exceed client expectations and continue to move forward on projects throughout Colorado,” said Max Brandt, vice president of operations at I-Kota. “Also, Safe Site Check In’s ability to streamline the check-in process saves us four hours a day. That’s critical to making up for lost time due to shutdowns earlier this year.”

The construction industry represents 6.3 percent of the GDP and employs more than 11 million people in the U.S., yet many construction firms have outdated and time consuming processes for job site check-in. These include paper-based forms and shared tablets that don’t allow for social distancing, are risky to handle and time consuming to enforce.

“The construction industry today needs a better way to manage job site check-in. Meeting the COVID-19 challenge to re-open our economy is driving firms to exploit mobile and cloud technologies to keep employees safe,” said David Ward, founder and CEO of Safe Site Check In, LLC. “Safe Site Check In is extraordinarily easy to use, and addresses compliance and site management issues cost effectively while driving productivity and profitability for construction firms.”

Safe Site Check In also provides I-Kota with real time updates on who is on a job site and for how long. Additionally, the app enables contact tracing, supports multiple languages, and its check-in questions can be customized.

“We’re delighted, yet not entirely surprised by the interest and adoption of Safe Site Check In since we launched in June. While check-in apps are on the rise, our ability to deliver a customized, private, secure, and fast way to enter job sites and public spaces is already changing the way businesses are planning for a post-pandemic environment,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In.

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