Colorado Public Radio Buys Capitol Hill Office Building for New HQ

777 Grant Street, courtesy of CPR.

Colorado Public Radio has purchased a 72,000-square-foot building in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood to consolidate its metro offices and provide space for community events.

The six-story building at 777 Grant Street will also become home to CPR News, Denverite, CPR Classical, Indie 102.3, and Audio Innovations. It will include an auditorium for live events.

CPR President and CEO Stewart Vanderwilt said in a statement, “Democracy is only as strong as its informed citizens. At the center of our commitment to serve all Coloradans and support democracy is a new home for CPR. With our new facility, we will create a home institution for all Coloradans to experience news, entertainment and thought-provoking content.”

Originally designed for IBM in 1959, the office building most recently served as headquarters for the Denver Housing Authority, KBNO radio, a station broadcasting a Regional Mexican format, and other entities. It was renovated in 2020.

CPR paid $8.34 million for the building with the entire purchase price coming from a donor.

“As of today, we believe this total gift represents the largest gift in Colorado public media history,” Vanderwilt said. “We’re not announcing the donors at this time. We’ll make that announcement in coordination with them when we have further details to share on the transformation of 777 Grant into the new home for CPR.”

The facility will need to be built out to house CPR’s studios, offices and auditorium. The process is expected to take at least three years.

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