Colorado Real Estate Industry and Private Equity Veterans Announce Formation of Narrate Holdings

Credit: Narrate Holdings

Fund Manager, an investment management firm founded by Zack Kobilca and headquartered out of Denver, has merged with prominent real estate investment and development firm Narrate Companies, helmed by Adam Fenton. The new combined company will operate under Narrate Holdings

This merger represents a strategic alignment of two of Colorado’s leading real estate and private equity professionals with the goal of delivering increased efficiencies across the combined company’s verticals. 

“Adam and I have always been aligned in our investment philosophies, so I was confident when we decided to move forward with this merger, we would immediately identify opportunities to better serve all of our stakeholders and, most importantly, our investors,” said Kobilca. “By combining Fund Manager’s next-generation investment management and private equity platform with Narrate’s years of expertise as an operator and developer, our aim is to create one of the most experienced and disciplined vertically integrated real estate and private equity firms in the region.”

Narrate Holdings will be overseen and led by Managing Partners Kobilca and Fenton, backed by a leadership team that brings a complementary skillset to the new endeavor. The company has immediate plans to grow and will be implementing an aggressive plan to leverage select upside opportunities resulting from present market conditions, diversifying its investments while adhering to conservative underwriting principals. 

“Our goal as an operator and investment manager is to source investment opportunities that will provide long-term, stable wealth for our investors, while continuing to improve upon internal processes that generate relative arbitrage,” said Fenton. “This is a team that is wholly aligned in mission and vision, and we’re excited about how quickly we’ve found our rhythm in working together. Every team member has a stake in the company and we’re all rowing in the same direction to capitalize on the collective opportunities in front of us.”

Founded in 2019, Fenton’s Narrate Companies has historically specialized in the investment and development of urban-infill multifamily and mixed-use real estate in major metropolitan markets throughout the Western U.S. The company’s $150 million portfolio includes a diversified mix of ground-up development and existing value-add. Recent projects include Aston on South Pearl, 3354 Larimer and the Carraway apartments in Platte Park. Under Fenton’s leadership, the company has focused on developing projects that are sustainable, vibrant, and contribute to the local community.

In 2008, Kobilka founded DRGInvest, which offered brokerage and sales, property management, and investing platforms. With Zack’s oversight, DRG acquired several management companies and created numerous value-add partnerships. Fund Manager and Narrate Companies had been strategically partnering together on projects for the last three years. 

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