Community Developers, Mickey Zeppelin & Neil Adam, collaborate on New Arts Center with GRACe

GRACe Globeville CO

Denver, CO –  The Globeville neighborhood has received a transformative addition to its art scene, as GRACe (Globeville Riverfront Arts Center), introduces 76 studio spaces for artists and creatives to thrive. Created in partnership between developers Mickey Zeppelin and Neil Adam, GRACe serves to translate the authentic character and energy of Globeville into an artists’ community all its own.

GRACe Globeville COLocated on six acres at 888 E. 50th Ave. in Denver’s industrial, often under-served Globeville neighborhood, the GRACe campus’ studios range in size from 50 square feet to 675 square feet, with rent starting at around $175 per month. Inspired by the appreciation that artists require a special space in order to create, the campus features a uniquely collaborative environment that accommodates the specific needs of career artists, with each lease on a month-to-month basis, offering 24/7 accessibility.

“GRACe is a community enterprise, not just a money-making opportunity, which recognizes the neighborhood’s culture of art and off-the-beaten-path innovation,” said Neil Adam. “The campus offers a hub for creativity – where artists can share both space and ideas – something they wouldn’t have access to working out of their basements.”

The GRACe project is home to a wide variety of artists and creative businesses, ranging from ceramicists, to painters to fashion designers to photographers to interior designers and several others. Among these tenants are dozens of artists from the former community studio, Wazee Union, which is now the site of the future Zeppelin Station project, a creative market hall and workplace slated to open in late 2017.

Mickey Zeppelin said, “We feel a strong sense of responsibility not to displace these artists and have moved nearly 50 artists from Wazee to GRACe. It offers a full campus that’s designed specifically for their creativity. We welcome new artists and are particularly welcoming to Globeville artists and the community. It makes sense as Globeville has always been a place where things are made. This is the next iteration of that.”

The GRACe campus is located directly adjacent to the Platte River and River North Park for the celebration of nature and recreation, so that nature can inspire its artists. Amenities include a kitchen, several walk-out patios, gardens, a chicken coop with chickens and a fully equipped ceramics studio. Guest speakers and community programming and classes are part of the new community space. Studios are characterized by plenty of natural light with dividers between spaces strategically constructed to maximize light across as many studios as possible.

Another special facet of the project is the guidance provided on-site by manager Susan Dillon, a lifelong artist and creative in her own right. Resident creatives at GRACe receive support such as business and marketing training, as well as opportunities to showcase their work both collectively and individually in the dedicated gallery space.

Susan Dillon said, “We have an active interest in seeing our resident creatives succeed in their endeavors, which serves as inspiration to everyone involved in the project.”

On First Fridays, the gallery at GRACe is open to the public, showcasing a co-op of works from its resident creatives. In conjunction with Denver Arts Week, the campus will host a grand opening celebration on Friday, November 4, with details to emerge in the upcoming weeks.

Images courtesy of Zeppelin Development

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