Confluence Companies Under Contract on Six Land Parcels in Parker

My Mainstreet Implementation, courtesy of P3.

On Sept. 6, the Parker Town Council and P3 (Partnering for Parker’s Progress) Board of Directors approved purchase and sale agreements with Confluence Companies for the six land parcels associated with the My Mainstreet Project.

The Town of Parker and P3 are working closely with Confluence Companies on creating a new future for downtown Parker. Each My Mainstreet Project parcel is proposed to have a unique design that continues Parker’s pursuit of a more vibrant and walkable downtown core. Combined, the designs will promote the vitality of Mainstreet with a commitment to making the area a destination for residents, workers and tourists. Suggested ideas for construction include mixed-use buildings with restaurants, commercial space, housing and more.

Two purchase and sale agreements were approved on Sept. 6 — one by the Parker Town Council for five Town-owned properties (Schoolhouse Lot, PACE Center 2A and 2B Lots, EastMain Lot and Pine Curve Lot) and another agreement by the P3 Board for one P3-owned property (19801 E. Mainstreet). The agreements placed the properties under contract with Confluence Companies.

The next step in the process will be a Development Agreement proposal for each property that will detail the specific projects that are to be developed on each parcel, as well as set performance deadlines for obtaining governmental approvals and commencing construction on the parcels. Also included in the Development Agreements will be details regarding Public Benefits Credits and public investment tools that will be used to help make the projects economically viable and beneficial to both the Town of Parker and Confluence Companies. It is anticipated that the Development Agreements will be submitted for consideration by Town Council and the P3 Board on or before Nov. 7, 2022.

Mainstreet is the gem of Parker, home to restaurants, artisan coffee shops, culture, public parks and more. In 2018, P3 took the lead on engaging the community to provide feedback about how to best develop a collection of downtown properties owned by the Town of Parker and P3. The My Mainstreet project culminated with the release of the Strategic Framework: A Blueprint to Community Supported Development, a guide for the future of these sites.

For more information about the My Mainstreet Project, including details regarding the latest design concepts, visit

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