MileHighCRE-PNG Donates Online Course to AGC of Colorado’s Construction Careers Now Students

Matt Morris presents an overview of his online construction course to current students in the Construction Careers Now program Monday, February 17th. Photo courtesy Construction Careers Now, a leading educational provider to the construction industry, has announced it will provide its online course, How a Building is Designed and Built, free of charge to the students currently enrolled in the Associated General Contractors of Colorado’s Construction Careers Now program upon their successful graduation. Morris presented an overview of the course and announced the free tuition during Monday’s Orientation Night of approximately 40 students.

“ was launched two years ago to fill a gap in our industry by providing high-impact classes to accelerate years of on-the-job training,” said Matt Morris, P.E., founder of and senior instructor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “Interest in the course is spreading quickly around the world and we’re thrilled to give back to the local construction community. We’re providing the playbook that I wish was available when I began my construction career,” he added. was founded by Morris in 2018 and since then has provided training for more than 2,700 students across 109 countries. As an owner with the U.S. Air Force, a project manager with a large commercial general contractor, and an educator at three universities, Morris recognized that fundamental “how to build” construction knowledge was missing from newcomers in the industry. The intent of the courses on is to fill those gaps. offers a variety of courses, with more under development.

“Oftentimes, construction education occurs on-the-job. Students and young professionals spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to understand the complexities of a modern building, yet every project is different, and the materials and systems can change drastically from one building to the next,” Morris said. “These courses accelerate that path and enable professionals to add value to their projects quickly, rather than spend extraordinary amounts of time learning terminology and the appropriate construction sequence,” he added.

AGC of Colorado has been busy helping fill the talent pipeline with workforce development programs since 2002 and most recently launched the Construction Careers Now program in September of 2016. The program has graduated 1,252 students as of February 2020 with 56% of those graduates entering the construction workforce. AGC of Colorado relies on partnerships with education related organizations, such as, to continue disseminating the training needed to educate the construction workforce.

“There aren’t many other things that educate our future builders more than your online course,” commented Bryan Cook, executive director of the Construction Education Foundation of Colorado and Chapter Operations Director at AGC of Colorado.

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