Denver and Aurora Among Top 10 Most Dynamic U.S. Cities

Denver and Aurora rank 3rd and 4th in the nation’s top 10 most dynamic urban centers, according to Point2 Homes most recent report ranking 150 biggest U.S. cities.

To identify the nation’s top performers in terms of growth and progress, the report looked at 18 factors grouped into four main dimensions (Human Capital, Education and Culture, Economic Activity, and Housing). The report showcases the overall ranking, separate rankings for large, mid-sized and small cities, and the top 10 cities for each of the 18 metrics considered.

Here’s what stands out:

  • Denver ranks 3rd both in the overall ranking and in the large cities category, surpassed only by San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA;
  • Aurora takes 4th place in the overall ranking, while in the mid-sized cities category it has no rival: here, it ranks 1st, followed by Oakland, CA, and Atlanta, GA;
  • According to our findings, the economy is a strong point for both cities. Denver has seen the 13th biggest increase in income out of the 150 cities analyzed, outranked by Aurora, on the 12th place;
  • Both cities saw a significant decrease in the number of people living below the poverty level. For this metric, Aurora is ahead (15th of all urban centers analyzed), while Denver ranks 18th;
  • As for housing, Aurora has seen an important median home price increase over a five-year span, the 5th largest out of the 150 cities analyzed. Denver’s median home price increase was not as significant (39th place).


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