Denver-Based Highside Companies Closes on Equity Partnership with Canadian Investment Company

Highside Companies, a Colorado-based real estate company, has formed an equity partnership with Westmount Park Investments, a family office, based in Ontario, Canada. The partnership will combine Highside’s robust United States footprint with Westmount Park’s capital formation and Canadian real estate market expertise.

The result of this potent combination will mean more opportunities for Highside and Westmount Park’s extensive network and real estate holdings in ready-to-develop self-storage, light industrial, multifamily residential, and others. The partnership is already deeply involved in: the development and acquisition of extended stay hotels, with more than 20 projects currently in their pipeline valued at more than $350 million, the development of multifamily residential projects with more than $200 million of development currently in the pipeline throughout the U.S., and several Canadian development projects in self-storage, light industrial, and others. Highside and Westmount Park are reviewing several other strategies that may align with current market conditions which will offer new and compelling opportunities for their combined networks.

As a result of this new partnership, Highside Companies opened its first office in Canada in the Greater Toronto Area in February 2023. The Canadian office of Highside is focused on the same verticals as its U.S. counterpart: real estate investment, development, and project management across several asset classes. The newly formed office has already secured several development projects in Ontario and looks to add to its growing portfolio through the vast network of Westmount Park Investments.

“Our partnership with Westmount Park Investments brings opportunity for Highside to continue our rapid growth in our existing strategies and the support and resources to expand into new and exciting areas of opportunity,” said Justin Roberts, CEO of Highside. “I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. Westmount Park’s seasoned team is full of incredible talent and an extensive network.”

“With Highside we have found the perfect partner to align with for the development of our ready-to-develop lands and great opportunities within our extensive network across Canada and the U.S., while continuing to lead the charge of bringing investors to these great opportunities, which has already begun,” said Romeo Di Battista Jr., chairman and CEO of Westmount Park. “For years we’ve been using joint ventures with different builders and developers to seize on many development opportunities, now with Highside we’ve internalized it all.”

With more than 150 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, the Highside team possesses deep expertise in every aspect of the commercial real estate lifecycle and offers investors, partners, and clients best-in-class solutions for their unique real estate needs. Highside is currently executing multiple new investment and development projects across the U.S. and Canada, while also continuing to expand its project management business rapidly.


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