Denver-based Legend Partners Opens Second Office in Western U.S.

DENVER – Legend Partners, a commercial retail and restaurant leasing, development, marketing and investment firm, with an office in Denver, has expanded into the Salt Lake City market.  The firm opened its new location with the addition of five veteran real estate agents — Chris Hatch, Rob Sweeney, Tanner Olson, Joe Mills and Julee Snow — who have more than 56 years of combined real estate experience in Salt Lake City.

“Denver and Salt Lake City provide ‘like market conditions’, with stable economies, strong employment, solid income levels and favorable lifestyles, that attract investors and tenants.  The similarities of the two cities, and their close proximity on either side of the Rockies, made perfect sense to Legend Partner’s expansion plans.  It’s the perfect strategic alignment for everyone involved, and most importantly, our clients,” said Chris Hatch.

As part of the expansion, Legend Partners will also incorporate property management services into their list of services (in Salt Lake City, only).  These services will be available through Forza Commercial, a third party property management firm based in Salt Lake City.  The firm will also maintain its standing with the X-Team, an affiliation of professional real estate brokerage firms across the nation that provides support services for all types of real estate transactions.

“Many of our existing clients have viable needs and interests on both sides of the Rocky Mountains, and opening an office in Salt Lake City will help Legend Partners address the real estate needs of all of our current and future clients,” said David Larson, a founding partner of Legend Partners.  “It provides our firm with the opportunity to grow our presence throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.”

Image of Legend Partners’ Denver office, courtesy of Legend Partners.


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