Denver Housing Authority Announces Opening of Housing Choice Voucher Lottery

Denver Housing Authority (DHA) is opening its Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Section 8 Lottery on Sept. 15 and 16, 2022. Housing Choice Voucher, formerly known as Section 8, is a housing subsidy program that is funded by the federal government to assist very low to low-income families seeking affordable housing. The subsidy pays a portion of the owner’s rent in order to make housing affordable. Online entries only will be accepted on Thursday, September 15, 2022 (beginning at 12:01 a.m.) through Friday, September 16, 2022 (ending at 11:59 p.m.).

“The Housing Choice Lottery, which happens once per year, begins the application process for people who are interested in and eligible for affordable housing in Denver,” said Loretta Owens, director of housing choice voucher programs of Denver Housing Authority. “With the number of individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness, we hope to house approximately 500 members of the community through this year’s lottery.”

The lottery is open to those 18 years and older, U.S. citizens and eligible immigrants, and those who have the legal capacity to enter into a lease under state and local law. The following guidelines and important information apply to interested individuals and families:

  • DHA will deny any applicants or any member of the applicant’s household who is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program OR has been convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine in a public housing development or in a Section 8 assisted property.

  • Criminal background checks will be conducted on all persons aged 18 years and older.

  • Participants will be required to enter the social security number for the head of household and co-head/spouse.

  • Only one computer entry can be submitted per household. If you submit more than one entry, you will be disqualified. Multiple entries will be voided.

  • Lottery entry is not transferable.

  • Lottery entries must be complete. Incomplete entries will be voided.

  • Please print the ‘Lottery Number Confirmation Page’ for your records.

  • Report any change of address in writing to DHA’s Front Door Occupancy and Admissions Department, 1401 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO  80204. Include name, social security number, and correct address in this notification.

  • Do not pay anyone to participate in the Housing Choice Lottery.

Lottery entries must be submitted online using any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has Internet access by going to DHA’s website at For those who need access to a computer, DHA offers two Opportunity Centers, open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. located at Westwood Homes at 855 South Irving Street and North Lincoln Homes at 1401 Mariposa Street. DHA’s Osage Street office will not be open for lottery entries. Denver Public Library (DPL) also offers access to computers.

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