Denver Metro Snags Top 10 Spot for Retail Therapy

StorageCafe, a nationwide self-storage search website and a part of Yardi, has tracked down the ultimate retail therapy hot spots.

The findings highlight the Denver metro as the fourth-best destination for retail therapy, surpassing New York and Los Angeles in a list of the ultimate retail therapy hot spots in the U.S.

Instead of focusing solely on price tags, the report considered a range of factors that shape the shopping experience. These include store variety, purchasing power, competitive pricing, foot traffic, and the impact of store personnel on the overall journey. 

Determining a city’s premier shopping experience comes down to more than just competitive prices and a broad range of options. It is also about its purchasing power and lively atmosphere, as well as the availability of store personnel to enhance the shopping journey and more.* Collectively, these elements contribute to an unforgettable experience.

Key takeaways about the Denver metro area from our report:

  • Retail Facts: The area is home to roughly 3,000 establishments, encompassing upscale malls, sustainable fashion boutiques, and plenty of art. While this figure may not compete with NYC or LA’s offerings, metro Denver distinguishes itself with an impressive 148M square feet of retail space, offering almost 50 square feet for every resident.
  • Retail landscape: Fashion takes center stage, with nearly 1,054 stores dedicated to clothing and accessories alone. Sporting goods, hobbies, musical instruments, and bookstores represent the second-most popular category for shoppers in the area, with approximately 461 stores. Following closely are 352 furniture and home furnishing stores.
  • Employee density: The retail scene is supported by a substantial workforce of almost 58,120 individuals, offering a favorable ratio of 19 employees per 1,000 residents — the third-best ratio among the 20 largest metro areas.
  • Shopping expenses: The Denver metro area has the fourth-highest annual expenditures on retail, exceeding $12,000 per household per year dedicated to retail indulgences.

For a comprehensive overview of the actual figures shaping the retail landscape in the 20 biggest metros in America, CLICK HERE.

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