Denver One of the Most-Ready Cities for Electric Vehicles

With new electric vehicles entering the market thick and fast, questions about mass adoption preparedness are ongoing. Which cities are boosting electric transportation uptake, and which lag behind?

For those considering a battery-powered car, the Denver metro area is the nation’s 13th-placed electric car hotspot. That’s according to Yardi’s latest ranking of the largest 100+ metro areas according to their electric-vehicle friendliness. The West Coast actually swept away every category in the study, leading the charge toward within the EV trend.

Top 20 metros for electric vehicles, courtesy of Yardi.

Some key stats that make Denver stand out from the rest:

  • The Denver area came in 17th in EV adoption, with over 27K electric vehicles on its streets, an impressive increase of 50% over the previous year.
  • The metro is also picking up the pace in providing the right infrastructure to stimulate EV uptake. There are now 0.5 public charging stations per 1,000 households.
  • Moreover, renters also have greater convenience these days, as Denver’s apartment complexes make it the 3rd-highest ranked metro for charging stations with 7.2% of renters having charging stations.
  • The cost of fueling EVs bodes well for Denver, at $1 for every “eGallon,” much lower than the price of gas.
  • Overall, the broader environmental landscape is favorable to green transportation in Denver, with over 93% of public transit using clean fuel. Additionally, 40% of Denver’s electricity is generated from renewables.

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