Denver Photo and Event Space to Open Next Month

DENVER Realm, a new photo studio and event space, will open its doors June 8., in the industrial park at 3851 Steele Street, Unit B, in Denver’s up and coming Clayton neighborhood.

Founded by EB and Jonathan Combs and Rachel Nichols, the space was born out of a desire to meet like-minded individuals and provide resources for innovative collaborations. It was during their travels in 2015, the trio came across businesses that harbored spaces unlike any in Denver but were popular in other markets like Amsterdam and Los Angeles. The business models of those spaces were friendly to both hourly and full day rentals, making them a go-to resource for creatives and those in need of an aesthetically-inspiring meeting or event venue. Seeing these businesses flourish ignited their ambition as they envisioned a similar space in Denver.

As the planning phase got underway, the partners recognized the impact a café could bring to such a space and were drawn to another visionary brand and its commitment to excellence, Amethyst Coffee. The three approached owners Elle Jensen and Breezy Sanchez of Amethyst to marry their two concepts. Thus, Amethyst Coffee will open their third cafe within the venue, complementing Realm’s light and airy aesthetic.

“Realm, especially with Amethyst as an on-site partner, is such a departure in concept from almost everything we’ve been exposed to previously. Conveying our concept as a multi-use cafe/photo/event/meeting space was an interesting hurdle during our early development, but as the space has taken form and people are moving through it, the response has been extraordinary. The journey of bringing Realm to life has been a long three years, and we are ecstatic to open our doors and see it finally come to life with all the different uses and roles it can play to lift up the creative and event industry of Denver,” notes Co-founder, EB Combs.

The space was designed by UNUM and Marty Drew of Slate Construction Group was the GC. In wanting Realm to go beyond being a blank shell, the partners sought help from Kelly Meeks of Meek Vintage to furnish the venue. The space, comprised of 18’ high ceilings, exposed beams, a corner cyclorama wall and warm neutral tones is flooded with natural light and awash in texture. Meeks carefully sourced unique vintage pieces that can be used for styled shoots and beautiful events. In addition to these style vignettes, the L-shaped cyclorama wall makes for the perfect clean, white backdrop. Filled with plush seating, patterned rugs, wall hangings, and remarkable finds, the space is equipped for lifestyle or product photography, innovative workshops, special events, meetings or team retreats.

The 3,508-square-foot space features a private mezzanine with a conference room that holds a ten-top table overlooking the café and studio space, fully equipped with AV capabilities, while 1,129 square feet of the front entrance will be occupied by Amethyst and the patio.

“The creation of Realm has been the embodiment of our primary mission: collaboration. We are humbled by the opportunity to partner with the community in a brand-new way by providing a beautiful space that is available to creatives and events, alike. Our hope is that Realm will be a unique resource that will help facilitate creation and celebration,” says co-founder, Rachel Nichols.

Photos courtesy of Prim Communications

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