Denver the 6th Most Eco-Friendly Office Market in the US

Top 10 eco-friendly markets, courtesy 42Floors.

Given the growing importance of sustainability, the latest 42Floors study seeks to rank the most eco-friendly markets within the United States, based on eight metrics that analyze both the building itself (certifications, energy efficiency, and materials) and the surrounding environment (building policies, EV charging stations, public transit, and walkability).

Washington, D.C.; San Francisco & Atlanta outrank NYC among the top eco-friendly office markets in the U.S.

In addition to the nationwide ranking, the study also includes region-by-region breakdowns of the most eco-friendly office markets in the U.S.

Denver came in 6th on the list of most eco-friendly office markets in the country. However, the market earned 3rd spot among Western U.S. locations. Denver’s best-performing indicators included:

  • Denver boasted the highest score in the ACEE Building Policies indicator (26.5 points), surpassing New York and Seattle.
  • Denver also recorded the 6th-highest share of energy-efficient buildings with 42.9 square feet of Energy Star-graded properties per capita.
  • The market recorded the 7th-highest LEED score on the list (10.96 points). Roughly 32.2% of office spaces in Denver were certified LEED Gold, while 7.2% were graded LEED Platinum.

Across a regional top five, Denver ranked as the 3rd-most eco-friendly office market in the West thanks to its best performance in the ACEE Building Policies indicator.

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