Denverite to Launch in June

Denver, CO – At a time when local media are frequently compelled to chase clicks and cut jobs, digital news startup Denverite will provide original reporting that prioritizes context over calamity, and clarity over stuffy tradition. Denverite, which launches with a daily newsletter in June, will break news and offer explanations that matter to people who want to take full advantage of living in Denver, the No. 1 best American city to live in, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Denverite is the first launch by a media company founded by media investors and entrepreneurs Kevin Ryan, Gordon Crovitz and Jim Friedlich to revive journalism by delivering all the news and information people need to help make their cities great places to live. Ryan founded Business Insider, Crovitz was publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Friedlich, also a former Journal executive, runs Empirical Media; the three previously invested in Business Insider.

In addition to breaking news and telling stories worth sharing, Denverite will create resources that help explain the sometimes hidden or confusing systems and rules of the Mile High City and the state of Colorado, and will point to great reporting, writing and storytelling in the metro area, even if it didn’t appear in a Denverite product.

“It’s a big city, and we don’t feel like we own it—we just know what matters,” said Denverite editor-in-chief Dave Burdick. “The mission of Denverite is to provide our subscribers, followers and readers with the finite amount of information that really matters right now. Sometimes that’s a fire that has traffic backed up or closes a restaurant for a couple of weeks, sometimes it’s a clear, on-the-ground explanation of how a huge real estate development project will change a neighborhood and sometimes that’s a life-hack for Denver commuters or parents.”

Denverite will be as convenient as the latest technology, available through mobile, social media, as well as the web and email. Denverite editor-in-chief Burdick worked at the Denver Post, Huffington Post, Boulder Camera and Colorado Daily. His wife is a journalist and his parents are retired journalists, so reinventing journalism is personal.

Photo courtesy of Julie Wanzer, Business Rewritten

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