Elevated Promenade Opens at Denver’s RiNo ArtPark

A new elevated promenade adjacent to the South Platte River is the latest addition to RiNo ArtPark. Opening to the public on July 14, the 400-foot-long platform wends its way beside the river, offering verdant views of the park, waterway and surrounding neighborhoods for seated and strolling visitors.

The Promenade at RiNo ArtPark

The promenade was designed by Tres Birds, the Denver-based architecture firm known for their sustainable approach. The steel-based walkway utilizes telephone poles as structural supports raising the promenade 28 feet at its highest point, where it extends 30 feet into an expansive deck. Creative experiences include a sturdy “spider web” net that can be used for lounging and porch-type swings. The wood plank decking, railings and picnic tables are crafted from sustainably-sourced lumber that will weather to grey. Recycled plastic milk bottles formed into grey blocks have been constructed into ground seating. Next to the promenade, Tres Birds has designed a children’s playground constructed with recycled materials.

RiNo ArtPark is a cultural hub, responding to the programmatic needs of the community and serving to increase access to green space along the riverbank. The South Platte River has long been an industrial zone in Denver, with little community connection to the river. The existing buildings on this site – previously a group of replete warehouses that were slated for demolition – were instead adapted and re-purposed for new functions. Tres Birds saw potential in the structure of these buildings and proposed a creative solution for reclaiming them for the new cultural center.

Photos courtesy of Tres Brids

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