Elsy Studios & MAX Construction Expand Space for Alden Torch Financial

MAX Construction_Alden Torch Financial_Denver CO

Denver, CO – Denver-based commercial interior design firm Elsy Studios and tenant finish construction firm MAX Construction, Inc. recently completed work on Alden Torch Financial’s 28,040 square foot office renovation and expansion at 1225 17th St. in the heart of Downtown Denver.

As the contractor on the project, MAX Construction, Inc. was tasked with expanding the space to accommodate Alden Torch Financial’s growing business. The solution: connect the 14th and 15th floors of the building by cutting a stair opening and constructing a new steel and glass staircase.

“The addition of the staircase enabled greater functionality while also adding a unique and high-end visual appeal to the entire space,” said Mark McGann, vice president at MAX Construction. “As tenant finish contractors, we love helping clients make a space uniquely theirs, and we’re proud of the results we were able to achieve to that end for Alden Torch Financial.”

From a design perspective, connecting the 14th and 15th floors allowed Elsy to bring greater connectivity and a sense of community into the office, giving Alden Torch a space that supports their culture while also accommodating their rapid growth. The addition of custom wood millwork above the staircase further gives the space a warm and a high-end feel.

“At Elsy, we always want the spaces we design to be fresh and functional now and for years to come, which requires blending the latest workplace design trends with features that keep the space looking timeless,” said Juliana Rini, project manager at Elsy Studios. “Alden Torch Financial’s space is a perfect example of how office design can be conservative and distinctive at the same time. The staircase not only adds a focal point, it also adds longevity, making the space more usable and flexible.”

Creating an additional challenge for the design and construction teams, the space was occupied from the design phase through the construction process, requiring the work to be completed in multiple phases from December 2014 through April 2016. In addition to Elsy Studios and MAX Construction, the project was finished in collaboration with the Alden Torch team, Fitzmartin Consulting, Interior Concepts, and MDP Engineering Group.

Image courtesy of MAX Construction, Inc.

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