FIRMSPACE Denver Celebrate Grand Opening

FIRMSPACE Denver is located on the 16th floor of 1401 Lawrence Street.

By Catherine Gavin
Page Senior Associate / Communications Director

FIRMSPACE Denver is celebrating its grand opening and Pagers Jen Bussinger, Elena Cutshall, Matt Edmonds, Wendy Dunnam Tita and Chet Weber joined the festivities.

Located in the heart of Lower Downtown Denver, FIRMSPACE is a co-working space for professionals seeking a refined corporate environment. Its floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic views of downtown and the mountains beyond from the 16th-story of 1401 Lawrence Street. The 22,442-square-foot space is a forward-thinking combination of workplace design strategy and business-oriented amenities.

The design takes advantage of the setting and maximizes views from most of the offices. While the perimeter glazing and the use of transparent or opaque partitions allow daylight to reach far into the floor plate.

“Daylighting and quiet acoustic were central to our design team’s efforts,” notes Page Associate Principal Jen Bussinger. “The space utilizes a unique strategy of clerestories between offices allowing views to the outside from the innermost offices. This happens while privacy of the professionals and their clients remains paramount. We used translucent films, acoustic glass and a sound masking system throughout the space to ensure acoustic and visual privacy.”

The Page team sought to establish a client-forward environment where professionals could invite their business associates and clients for formal and informal meetings. There is no overt branding by FIRMSPACE, ensuring a more subtle experience.

Offices range from single-occupancy to space for a team of five people. Huddling areas, lounges, conferences areas and an event space all offer a variety of workplace experiences expected by professionals. Integrated technology also reflects the requirements of today’s mobile business world. Amenities include a fitness facility, dry cleaning services and food delivery service.

Inspired by the nearby Union Station, the finishes make up a rich color palette with hard woods and plush textiles contrasting polished white marble. Office furniture offers stand-up options for all desks and chairs, couches, chaises and other furniture are characterized by clean contemporary lines. In the cafe area, deep emerald-colored textiles in peacock blue, white tiles in herringbone patterns and delicate bronze light fixtures all recall the elegance of Union Station’s late 19-century Beaux Arts style.

“The elegance of the finishes elevates the co-working experience,” notes Bussinger. “It’s about creating a refined, professional environment—inspired by an iconic Denver landmark—and catering to increasingly mobile professionals.”

Page Senior Principal Michael Mace emphasizes the project’s relevance for Denver. “FIRMSPACE is responding to dynamic and evolving needs for professionals in our city. We’re very proud of this project and its contribution to how people are working in the LoDo area.”

Images courtesy of FIRMSPACE

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