GE Johnson Celebrates Safety Milestone at St. Francis Medical Center

St Francis Medical Center safety celebration, courtesy of GE Johnson.

On Wednesday, January 26, GE Johnson celebrated over 300 days of zero injuries on the St. Francis Medical Center expansion and renovation project site. GE Johnson is the general contractor for the project and credits this safety milestone to the commitment of everyone on site to the safety culture.

The project uses the Hazard Recognition program, a self-directed safety initiative that gives every person on the jobsite a voice to positively influence the safety culture. QR codes are placed throughout the jobsite and everyone on site is given a QR code sticker to place on their hardhat at the project safety orientation. Upon scanning the QR code, workers are directed to a digital haz rec platform where they can communicate a positive or negative safety observation onsite. All haz rec forms, positive and corrective, are reviewed at the daily morning stretch and flex. Since the start of the last construction phase on this project, the project team members have produced over 1,000 haz rec cards!

The St. Francis Medical Center project team is working to complete the core and shell for the hospital’s new loading dock while also building out the interiors of the fifth and sixth floor expansion. The loading dock will be both horizontal and vertical and provide a receiving area, administrative space, conference room, and support service for the fifth and sixth floor addition. The expansion will provide 30 medical surgical rooms, 30 intensive care units for the hospital, and a Flight for Life helipad. The project is currently set to complete this spring.

“This milestone is a testament to our safety culture and commitment to an injury-free work environment,” stated Joe Weimerskirch, GE Johnson safety director.

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