GE Johnson Hosts Virtual Safety Summit

On Tuesday, March 2, more than 160 safety professionals came together virtually for GE Johnson’s third Safety Summit. The purpose of the summit is to create relationships and share best safety practices within the industry to achieve zero injuries.

The event centered on reengaging and refocusing on safety during the ongoing pandemic. Attendees included GE Johnson operations members, subcontractors, and clients that GE Johnson collaborates with on a daily basis.

“Safety is designed to bring us together and [with COVID-19] we have something that’s forcing us apart. That can have a dramatic impact on safety,” said GE Johnson Safety Director Joe Weimerskirch.

Members of the GE Johnson safety team spoke on the anticipated OSHA regulations for COVID-19 and demonstrated the benefits of leadership buy-in, teamwork, and engagement through pre-task planning, hazard recognition, and safety assessments.

Jim Johnson, president and CEO of GE Johnson, shared his own experience on how safety culture has evolved during his time in the industry to a more collaborative effort.

“When safety first came out and hit our industry, we all went to enforcement, compliance, and punitive measures. Those results will only get you so far. Safety should be part of your culture and the way you get that on a jobsite is through collaboration,” said Johnson.

Photo courtesy of GE Johnson

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