Global Financial Services Company Launches Investing Subsidiary in Lakewood

Matt Argersinger and Jason Moser tour a building under construction in Alexandria, Va. (Photo: The Motley Fool).

The Motley Fool Holdings, Inc., a global financial services company that has helped millions of individual investors master the stock market over the last 26 years, is expanding its investing advice beyond equities with the launch of its newest Lakewood-based subsidiary, Millionacres.

“With the creation of Millionacres, we aim to demystify real estate investing and make it easy for individuals, whether you’re a new investor or seasoned pro, to learn the information you need to position yourself to potentially build wealth in this asset class,” said Austin Smith, managing director of Millionacres. “The Motley Fool has long seen the opportunity available in real estate investing, and the Jobs Act legislation, new tax laws, and the continued growth of all aspects of the market have only made real estate investing more appealing and accessible.”

At, readers can access free educational content on topics ranging from crowdfunding and REITs to real estate taxes. The website’s coverage will soon expand to include residential, commercial, financing, tools, calculators, and industry reviews, according to Deidre Woollard, editor of Millionacres and long-time real estate writer for a variety of real estate brokerages and brands.

Millionacres also offers a premium subscription service, Mogul, which expands on the website’s knowledge base with specific strategies investors can take today, including vetted recommendations for individual crowdfunded investments, real estate investment trusts (REITs), equities, and tax-efficient planning.

“Since its launch earlier this year, Mogul has made nearly 20 investment recommendations for its first group of premier members. We are looking forward to re-opening Mogul membership later this year to allow a new group of investors to take advantage of these opportunities,” added Smith.


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