Growing Tech Firm FullContact Moving HQ into WeWork Tabor Center Co-Working Space

In response to the growing demand for flexible office space solutions among occupiers and investors, CBRE recently launched the Agile Real Estate Knowledge Hub.

DENVER – Denver-based tech firm FullContact will relocate its headquarters to 1200 17th Street in downtown Denver. As the firm grows from 90 Denver-based employees to a projected 175 over the next four years, they will occupy close to a full floor in the WeWork Tabor Center location, beginning November 2018.

“FullContact initially launched its headquarters search looking at traditional options, but the ability to customize a space under a short-term lease made flex space an attractive solution. The key to this strategy’s success was ensuring the space delivered on FullContact’s culture and workplace functionality, in addition to providing flexibility for growth,” said Alex Hammerstein, a senior vice president with CBRE’s Tech and Media Practice in Denver who represented FullContact in the lease. “There are more options every day for companies seeking agility in their real estate. The landscape of what’s possible is changing rapidly. We helped FullContact explore all avenues to arrive at the best overall solution to accommodate its growth.”

Elements being incorporated into the build-out include a self-sustaining reception area exclusive to FullContact and 17 firm-dedicated private spaces to serve as offices, huddle and conference rooms.

FullContact is the world’s open, cloud-based identity resolution and insights platform that enables people to fully identify, describe, and authentically connect with each other, human to human. FullContact’s patented identity graph provides a unified view of people across their personal and professional lives enabling deeper understanding and empathy in every interaction.

“A headquarters should serve as the foundation for company culture so our biggest considerations when searching for a new office were brand and functionality. CBRE was a valuable advocate, guiding us through the process, protecting our financial interests and championing our employee needs. In the end, the WeWork space checked all of our boxes and more, in regard to flexibility, ease of transition, and premium employee amenities,” said Matt Hubbard, director of operations at FullContact.

According to CBRE’s 2018 Americas Occupier Survey, more than 70 percent of companies surveyed anticipate using coworking as a strategic solution for flexibility in the next three years.

FullContact was a pioneer in embracing the flexible office approach, and how they worked with CBRE to ensure the space delivered on their needs for brand, culture and workplace functionality.

In response to the growing demand for flexible office space solutions among occupiers and investors, CBRE recently launched the Agile Real Estate Knowledge Hub to help companies better understand the different aspects of agile real estate, including coworking, incubators, serviced offices, enterprise solutions turnkey and short-term leases.

“Business is changing faster than ever before, and companies are trying to maximize agility to stay ahead. Flexible office space started as a solution for tech start-ups and is now going mainstream as larger companies are experimenting with ‘enterprise’ solutions,” said Beth Moore, who was recently appointed to lead CBRE’s Agile Real Estate Practice.

“Companies started to use flexible space for the flexibility, but many stay for the experience. And in some cases, we’re now seeing tenants ratcheting up expectations on the experience they are providing in their traditional office environments—redesigning their workplaces in their owned/leased portfolios with improved technology, mobility, activity-based working and concierge experiences,” she added. “On the investor side, landlords are now highly-focused on responding to these evolving tenant demands in their buildings.”

Image courtesy of CBRE


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