Haselden Construction Launches Haselden Builders

Brent Haselden

Haselden Construction has launched Haselden Builders, its new subsidiary dedicated to the multifamily and build-for-rent markets in Colorado. Haselden Builders, helmed by Brent Haselden, will expand Haselden Construction’s current offering and take an innovative approach to multifamily projects, build-for-rent single-family and townhomes, senior housing, hotels, student housing, affordable housing and modular building.

“As we began to receive more requests from our current partners to complete major building projects in the multifamily and build-for-rent markets, it became clear that our growth necessitated a dedicated business unit to specialize in these projects,” said Brent Haselden, president of Haselden Builders. “We plan to bring the sophistication and client-centric approach that Haselden Construction is known for to the multifamily market while maintaining a competitive price.”

Traditionally, Haselden Construction has operated in the commercial market; however, with a gradual increase in residential projects and a growing interest in build-for-rent projects across the front range, a natural growth opportunity presented itself in Haselden Builders. The residential market is expected to grow to over $4 billion in the next four years with rental properties making up a major share. As people continue to move to Colorado, this demand will grow. Haselden Builders will capitalize on this growth and Haselden Construction’s knowledge and proven process for quality and efficiency to develop a world-class multifamily and build-for-rent subsidiary.

“I am thrilled to expand into the multifamily and build-for-rent markets with the launch of Haselden Builders,” said Byron Haselden, current president and CEO of Haselden Construction. “We have always operated off an enterprise approach, expanding our company and pushing the boundaries of a traditional construction company. Haselden Builders was a natural next step based on the desire we have seen from our clients and our current expertise.”

Haselden Construction’s enterprise approach has proven successful with Haselden Real Estate Development department, focused on commercial real estate in the Colorado and Southwestern U.S., and Haselden Restoration Services, its disaster restoration subsidiary.

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