Historic Denver’s Efforts to Preserve Denver’s El Chapultepec Building from Demolition

Since its launch on Friday, a petition initiated by Historic Denver to “Save the ‘Pec” has garnered nearly 300 signatures.

“The outpouring of support to save the building has been wonderful to see,” said John Deffenbaugh, president and CEO of Historic Denver. “If you would like to express your support for saving this legendary place from demolition, please get involved at You can also share your favorite memories of the ’Pec.”

Historic Denver, in conjunction with the Honorable Elbra Wedgeworth and professional musician Ron Bland, filed a landmark designation on March 11 in an effort save the El Chapultepec building, at 1962 Market Street.

Since that point, Monfort Companies, the property owner has stated that they believe the building to have structural issues. John Deffenbaugh, president and CEO of Historic Denver, said: “Historic Denver has offered several examples of buildings that were in an exceedingly poor state of repair but have been brought back to life. These included one of Denver’s first fire stations, Hose House 1, which was transformed into the Woody Fisher bar and restaurant. Likewise, the former Moffat Depot has been integrated into the Balfour residences for senior living. In these examples, the original building is considered to be one of the best aspects of the contemporary development and adds historical richness to the surrounding neighborhood.”

Historic Denver is committed to working with Monfort Companies to reach a compromise. John Deffenbaugh, president and CEO of Historic Denver, said: “Demolishing one of the oldest and most culturally significant entertainment buildings in an area that is undergoing culture and entertainment-led regeneration is misplaced.”

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