HomeAid Colorado Hosts Diaper Donation Event

ABBY&FINN, a Denver company that produces, sells, and delivers diapers through an online subscription service.

The national diaper shortage is over, but demand for diapers remains sky-high — by as much as 300 percent in some areas in the country. In Colorado, today’s high 10.2 percent unemployment adds more pressure to families who already struggle to pay for basic and essential goods like diapers.

HomeAid Colorado has stepped up to meet the new diaper demand and is celebrating its donation of over 1 million diapers to nonprofit beneficiaries through their annual “Builders 4 Babies” campaign. HomeAid provides critically needed construction projects like housing, shelters and resource centers, in addition to donating diapers, hygiene items and basic home essentials to nonprofits.

“We kickstarted our annual summer Builders 4 Babies campaign early this year to get a head start for families who were struggling to find diapers at retailers due to diaper shortages created by bulk purchases from fear of COVID-19,” says Cindy Bell, executive director of HomeAid Colorado. “Our success today could not be achieved without the generous support and contributions of our local partners in the real estate and construction industries and the community. Families should never need to choose between putting food on the table or diapers for their babies, no matter the hardship.”

Over 27 nonprofits from all over Colorado — including A Precious Child, Bright Futures, and Catholic Charities — will be picking up diapers for families this Friday, June 26th at the Sybmia Logistics warehouse in Aurora.. HomeAid’s partner, ABBY&FINN, a Denver company that produces, sells, and delivers diapers through an online subscription service, is using Sybmia’s warehouse to house their diaper subscription fulfillment in a safe and sanitized location. Symbia donated its warehouse space, team, and equipment to ensure Friday’s event’s success. Please note that this event is closed to the general public.

HomeAid Colorado is just shy of its goal of raising 1.2M diapers and hopes to reach its goal by this Friday. Donations can be made online by clicking on this link and choose one of four contribution packages: $39.00 for 150 diapers, $682.50 for 2,625 diapers, $1,365.00 for 5,250 diapers, and $2,730.00
for 10,500 diapers.



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