Howell Construction Project Manager Selected for 2022 ElevateHER TM Cohort

Howell Construction has announced that Project Manager Anne Brummett has been selected to participate in the invitation-only 2022 ElevateHER TM Cohort. ElevateHER TM, founded by the Zweig Group, is a special task force comprised of individuals with a commitment to promote diversity as a means to combat recruiting and retention challenges in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Howell is honored to have Anne as a participant in this year’s cohort. ElevateHER™ ensures underrepresented demographics find success in the AEC industry by serving as an advisor and a hub of information and resources. The previous two cohorts worked as different project teams, each concentrating on a particular
challenge or focus area to provide an end product or strategy that can make a measurable impact on the AEC industry. The 2022 cohort will focus on continuing these projects as well as adding some new ideas and initiatives.

“I am looking forward to meeting and working with a group of women AEC professionals through the ElevateHER TM program.  The opportunity to meet with women from across the country and discuss the challenges we face in the industry and workshop how to improve diversity and inclusion within the industry will be a highlight of my 2022,” stated Anne Brummett, project manager for Howell Construction.

Zweig Group’s recent data shows that there are currently nine women in the construction industry for every 23 men. Representation of women in engineering – one of corporate America’s fastest-growing job categories – trails the rest of the pipeline. Women hold only 34% of entry-level engineering and just 26% of first-level manager positions, compared to 48% of entry-level roles and 41% of first-level manager positions in the pipeline overall.

According to ElevateHER Managing Principal Jamie Claire Kiser, women are entering engineering and architectural programs at higher rates than ever, but they aren’t staying. And the ones who stay and who grow into principal roles have thought really hard about leaving.

“My vision for ElevateHer is not one of divisiveness or “women first.” It is a practical acknowledgement of the 100 percent of women who have considered exiting the AE industry, confronting this challenge, and doing everything that we can to fix this system. We need women in our firms to speak up when they feel alienated. We need others who are advocates for women to be thoughtful in how they speak and to correct actions that undermine the career opportunities available for women,” says Kiser.

All individuals, regardless of age, experience, gender, background, or job role, are welcome and encouraged to apply. View the 2022 roster here:

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