Innovative Wellness Retreat and Cafe Coming to Denver Highlands

Photo credit: Sacred Society

Sacred Society, an innovative wellness retreat and cafe poised to revolutionize the holistic well-being landscape, will make its debut in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood at 3410 W 38th Ave this spring. Sacred Society will combine innovative wellness technologies with whole-health-minded foods in one serene location.

This unique offering’s mission is to make wellness accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including those who find meditation and self-centering challenging. The boutique will feature a range of devices that seamlessly guide guests into states of relaxation and introspection. Highlights include custom-made immersive sensory virtual reality pods, which will invite guests to see, feel and hear the sounds of a calm, virtual environment. A personalized vibroacoustic relaxation chair will also allow guests to experience vibration therapy that is synchronized with the beat of original music produced by Sacred Society’s in-house music group. Vibration therapy helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and provides a host of benefits, like soothing muscle soreness and enhancing blood flow. Additionally, Sacred Society houses a groundbreaking theta chamber, approved by the FDA to help create new neuropathways in the brain, inducing a deep state of relaxation that promotes healing of the mind and body. The serene zen garden and sound healers on-site also offer diverse options for guests to tailor their wellness journeys. 

Founders Barbie Beltran and Jose Guerrero are deeply committed to building a comprehensive well-being sanctuary, all while cultivating a vibrant community. Beltran’s eclectic entrepreneurial voyage, which encompasses beauty, music, investments and extensive world travels, has been the catalyst for her visionary inspiration to create an unparalleled experience. 

“We identified a distinct opportunity to address an unmet need by creating a community focused on self-discovery and personal growth,” Beltran said. “Our approach is firmly anchored in meticulous research, ensuring that every piece of technology is cutting-edge, top-tier and provides concrete solutions for people looking to reach a new level of mindfulness.” 

With Guerrero’s background in the Denver food scene, opening numerous restaurants like Larimer Square’s Bao Brewhouse, he brings his culinary expertise to the table, creating delectable, intentionally crafted, health-focused dishes and beverages. From wraps and salads to bone broths and smoothies, Sacred Society’s menu is a culinary ecosystem designed to nourish both the body and the community. Made almost entirely of locally-sourced ingredients and infused with adaptogens, postbiotics and nootropics, each bite and sip offers detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits.  

“At Sacred Society, we’re answering the call of our community for meals that are both meaningful and crafted with carefully chosen ingredients,” Guerrero said. “We recognize that food is a powerful driver for overall wellness. Our menu has been thoughtfully designed to blend mindful nourishment with vibrant, fresh flavors. It’s about providing a nurturing space where people can connect and engage in a dining journey that feeds both body and soul.” 

Sacred Society will also showcase a truly unique auditory experience for its guests. Every meditation track, ambient sound and musical accompaniment featured within the space’s various modalities is an original composition, meticulously crafted by its recently launched dedicated in-house record label, Sacred Society Music Group. This commitment to originality is not just about maintaining a high standard of quality; it’s about creating a deeply immersive and authentic experience. 

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