JLL to Identify Denver Locations for Zero Emissions Vehicle Charging Stations

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DENVER – Electrify America has committed to invest $2 billion over the next 10 years to build out and strengthen zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure across the United States, and the company has contracted JLL to source qualified locations and provide site feasibility studies for this effort. Electrify America’s plans call for the installation of charging sites along high-traffic highway corridors and community-based charging locations in 11 metropolitan areas across the country, including Denver.

In the United States, electric vehicles (EV) sales soared in 2016, climbing 37 percent from 2015, according to Inside EV’s.  And consumer choice is also increasing as automakers now offer about 30 electric vehicle models. As demand for these vehicles continues to rise, so will the need for EV charging infrastructure.

Approximately 240 charging station sites will be installed or under development outside of California by the end of the first cycle as well as 300+ community-based charging station sites will be installed in workplaces, retail, multifamily residential locations and municipal lots and garages in 11 target metropolitan areas. Chargers at these locations will include a mix of Level 2 and/or DC Fast Chargers from 50 to 150+ kW. Metropolitan areas include: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

JLL is seeking sites with property owners that include but are not limited to: mall REITS, restaurants, retailers, gas stations, mixed-use developments and hotels. JLL’s Executive Vice President Walter Wahlfeldt and Senior Vice President Adam Cook are leading the team for site selection and due diligence.

According to Cook, Denver is one of 17 key urban markets in the U.S. that has the highest density of first adopters, as well all of the targeted demographics for a strong electrical vehicle charging network. “In the Denver market specifically, we are looking for five key metro locations as well as eight highway locations that allow people who are Denver-based to travel in all directions, whether that’s in Colorado or traveling to other states,” said Cook. “The trade zones that we are looking at are intelligently designed and agreed upon by public and private entities. Within those trade zones we are looking for lifestyle centers — mixed-use, retail.”

Electrify America onsite high-speed chargers will drive visibility as a unique property amenity and capture an increasingly larger mix of vehicle drivers as the EV market share grows. Electrify America will install, operate and maintain chargers at its sole expense, including new utility service requirements and utility service accounts.

“Electrify America’s investment in zero emission vehicle infrastructure is the largest of its kind ever made and will revolutionize charging infrastructure in the U.S.,” said Wahlfeldt. “We’re currently looking for accessible and regularly trafficked real estate locations that support drivers for the long-term and will keep the network of charging stations sustainable. The stations are brand neutral and are designed to service fast-charge capable EVs now and into the future.”

Electrify America is looking to role these locations out nationally, within the next 14 to 16 months maximum. “Because Denver has cold winters, construction will either have to happen very soon or in the spring 2018,” says Cook.


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