Jogan Inc. Acquires Echo Mountain, Most Affordable Ski Area

Denver's closest, most affordable ski area in Colorado's front range. Learn more at

Jogan Inc., a Denver-based holding company, acquired Echo Mountain, a ski area located near Evergreen and Idaho Springs, CO on September 18th, 2023, turning the page on a new chapter at the storied ski area located just 36 miles or 50 minutes from downtown Denver.

Jogan, Inc. has been rapidly expanding since being founded by entrepreneur Dan Dietrich in 2021. When Dietrich’s passion for skiing and innovative approach to business brought him the opportunity to acquire a Colorado ski area, he described it as “a dream come true.”

“Growing up skiing and working at Stevens Pass in Washington gave me the opportunity to not only develop my own love for skiing, but it gave me an inside view at how ski areas work to deliver the joy that so many people get from snow sports,” said Dan Dietrich. He added, “My fascination with how ski areas operate and passion for the industry has grown tremendously over the years, so I’m thrilled at the opportunity to work with the experienced team at Echo and empower them to keep building on its current foundation.”

Echo Mountain has evolved over the years, but its near-universally recognized and still untapped potential carries it forward. In recent years, Echo Mountain has grown to become Denver’s Closest and Most Affordable ski, snowboard and tubing area, offering a Colorado snow sports experience requiring less time and money than neighboring industry-giants. Those efforts have attracted a unique customer base that Dietrich feels is essential to the success of the industry’s future.

“It’s no secret that the ski industry has been struggling to diversify its customer base, and we feel like Echo has really tapped into something special. We believe we can not only help create more skiers and snowboarders, but we can also continue to bring in more and different groups of people than you’re used to seeing at other resorts,” said Dan Dietrich.

Recently, Echo has been working to capitalize on its summer season potential through weddings, events, and concerts. Seeing this summer’s success, the Jogan team believes with strategic investments and partnerships, Echo could quickly become one of Denver’s most desirable outdoor mountain venues.

“We have a lot of great ideas, some of which we’ll be sharing more about over the coming weeks and months, and yet we recognize that there’s no shortage of challenges ahead of us,” said Dietrich; “but we believe we have a vision for Echo to help fully realize its potential while continuing to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for guests, whether it’s just for a day of skiing or the biggest day of their life.”

 Denver’s closest, most affordable ski area in Colorado’s front range. Learn more at

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