Kephart Designs New Residential Project in Winter Park

Rendezvous Center courtesy of KEPHART.

By Josh Thomas, KEPHART project manager

Josh Thomas

KEPHART is driven by the belief that everyone deserves a well-designed place to live, work, and play. We fulfill that mission by creating residential communities that employ thoughtful and practical design solutions. One recent project stands out as both a new residential opportunity and a promising indicator of what’s to come for its community: Rendezvous Center.

Located along Main Street in Winter Park, Rendezvous Center transformed the former Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce into an exciting, revamped space. The high-profile site was chosen by the developer, Koelbel and Company, to build a sales center for the next phase of their development. Though the mixed-use project fulfills the developer’s needs and continues to serve as Winter Park’s welcome center, Rendezvous Center also created a luxury housing opportunity in the heart of town through the addition of five townhomes and two stacked flats.

The residences, which flank either side of the statement ‘looking glass’ commercial corner, are characterized by contemporary mountain architecture with pitched roofs and a mix of rich materials including wood, metal, and stone. Each townhome also includes a rooftop deck with views over the neighboring community park, bandshell, and mountains beyond. The materiality and architectural language of the building allows it to simultaneously stand out from other buildings along Main Street, while still being respectful of its context. The design also incorporates the town’s beloved mascot, a giant bronze moose.

As the first project of its kind in the town, Rendezvous Center marks the start of Winter Park’s revitalization. Since its opening, it has received numerous accolades including a MAME Award for Best Architectural Design-Urban Infill and a Gold Nugget Award of Merit in the Best Mixed-Use Community category. The project sheds light on what’s to come in the next chapter of Winter Park’s story.

Josh is a project manager with more than seven years of experience in residential design. He has successfully led a range of award-winning projects, both high and low density, including the Rendezvous Center project. His passion for pairing design concepts with buildable solutions drives his success. 

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